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The brand has been developed from a global perspective to offer its own take on modern aesthetics, centered on the sensibilities of designer Lane Odom honed at the Parsons School of Design, building with subtle, familiar cultural references that reflect societal implications. The brand paints visions of a hopeful future, fueled by what we know of the past, with unique updates on classic silhouettes and engineered styles lines. 

vane is a contemporary luxury brand originating from Philadelphia.

Our Goals


Inventive Craftsmanship

vane’s objective is to serve its clients with well-crafted, timeless apparel products. Clients can expect a continual by-item drop approach, steadily building a working wardrobe for multi-disciplinary professionals. 

We want to share the building blocks of our products with young designers, creators, and artisans in an effort to promote inclusive participation within our industry.


vane Cut Packs are in development.

vane anorak
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