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For the best possible care of your Studio pieces, please consult the care labels found inside the garment. If you have any questions, please contact us, we are happy to help!

For Aureta Studio ready-to-wear pieces, we recommend dry cleaning, unless otherwise instructed on the garment's care label.



Aureta Studio products are crafted with high quality materials, design and workmanship. We guarantee the authenticity of all products purchased through Aureta Studio online. All Aureta Studio products are individually controlled for their quality in-house by our unique design specialists.  


Counterfeiting is selling knockoff or imitation products as genuine Aureta Studio merchandise. Aureta Studio takes counterfeiting very seriously and we will take legal action against any persons, stores, or websites that sell Aureta Studio counterfeit items.

  • Counterfeit Aureta Studio products lack the details and workmanship that make each unique Aureta Studio piece high-quality and are typically of poorer quality. 

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